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Extended Schools

For children and young people to reach their full potential they need a positive approach to learning and to school. Having opportunities before and after school helps to do this.

Extension and Enrichment Activities

An extended school is a key way of delivering Every Child Matters, and will work with local providers, agencies, and in many cases other schools to provide access to a core offer of extended services including access to a varied range of activities including study support and clubs.

Study support, covering learning activities that take place out of school hours, helps to improve young people's motivation, build their self-esteem and help them to become more effective learners. Above all it aims to raise achievement.

The Science Learning Centre East Midlands has organised two courses aimed at providing guidance and advice about such activities:

Additionally, both the British Science Association and local STEMPOINTs can help schools provide extended school and enrichment activities.

Extended Schools

Find information and support through the Science Learning Centre East Midlands:

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