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Pollen - Seed Cities for Science

The Science Learning Centre East Midlands is part of a European Commission project with organisations in 12 European Countries.

In the 3½-year project there will be one 'seed' city for each Country and in the UK this will be Leicester. The intention is to support schools to raise standards in investigative primary science. Leicester has the additional task of exploring effective ways of making cross curricular links with science.

Fourteen Leicester City schools are participating in the first year. They are also working with other science organisations such as Leicestershire SETPOINT and the city museums. Ideas from the group will be disseminated to teachers in all the 12 European Countries.

The first CPD session, given to 34 teachers in October 2006, focused on links between science, literacy and history in the context of light and electricity. Those who attended commented:

A really exciting project to be part of.

Once again, thank you for an inspirational day.

A good day to inspire the idea of cross-curricular links both in theory and practical ideas.

I certainly got some excellent ideas about light and electricity and how to use a range of areas to support understanding. I'm feeling very enthusiastic!

Support for Primary Science Investigations

If you would like support for investigative primary science, the Science Learning Centre East Midlands can help:

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