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Working with Teachers

The Science Learning Centre East Midlands works with teachers in many different ways. Alongside our courses we support colleagues via communities on our web portal, via network meetings and drop-in sessions. We regularly meet with staff in needs analysis exercises to ensure we are providing CPD that is relevant and reflecting the needs of the region.

Recently we ran a course for teacher and technicians new to the teaching of AS and A level biology. We asked delegates 'What attracted you to the course?'

I was attracted to the course because I teach the AS on my own. None of the other teachers where I work teach the AS and can help me with the practical work. So as soon as I saw this course I thought fantastic! A lot of the stuff that I’ve learnt will be useful.

Another delegate commented at the end of the day:

I've got a better knowledge and a more positive approach to practical work and to know you can do simple things and get good results as well. The experiments we’ve done have been successful experiments and that’s what students want. They want experiments that work or they lose interest very quickly.

I'll definitely be coming to more Science Learning Centre East Midlands courses and will persuade other staff to come!

Bespoke Course Feedback

I was delighted when the Science Learning Centre agreed to lead our CPD sessions.

The Science Learning Centre, through a bespoke course programme, has been working with a local secondary school to provide CPD for their feeder primaries.