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East Midlands STEM Partnership

What is the East Midlands STEM Partnership?

The East Midlands STEM Partnership is the voice of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in the region.  Bringing together STEM practitioners, teachers, students, lecturers, organisations, businesses and policymakers. 

The Partnership is here to support you in getting more young people switched on to STEM and into the industries that need them.

Why is STEM so important?

The UK’s future prosperity and ability to compete on the global stage relies heavily on having a strong supply of talented individuals going into STEM backed careers.  The STEM Partnership is part of a huge drive to improve the numbers of young people taking STEM subjects at higher levels and part of a wider vision to make our region more prosperous.

How will the Partnership help me?

You’ll be part of a growing network of individuals and organisations dedicated to improving STEM education.  The Partnership provides you with the opportunity to take part in valuable networking events, develop new ideas for education delivery and gain access to exciting projects and a wealth of resources.

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