Picture plates

Pictures illustrating molecular cytogenetics, including supplements to papers and additional information

Bovine chromosomes showing a 1;29 translocation

1.Aegilops ventricosa metaphases labelled with in situ hybridization
2.Root tip spreads showing different stages of mitosis

3.Wheat breeding line showing introgression of chromosomes from Aegilops umbellulata

4.Arabidopsis thaliana interspersion of copia retroelements and the 180bp centromeric repeat near the centromeres by metaphase and fibre in situ hybridization

5.LINES and SINES on beet and Brassica chromosomes

6. Colour: In situ hybridization of rDNA, copia and gypsy elements to Picea and Pinus chromosomes. Figure 5 from Friesen et al. Mol Biol Evol 2000. Retroelements in gymnosperms

7. Colour: Junction fragments between satellite DNA ( satDNA ) in Drosophila. Figures 1 and 2 from Kuhn et al. Heredity, 2009..