Molecular Cytogenetics Research Group - April 2008

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The individuals in our research group have a range of different project, linked on the following pages. Each has different funding sources and spends from three months upwards working in the lab.

The Systems Biology Group is not included here - see

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We aim to continue our links with researchers who have spent periods in our laboratories Most of the group November 2010 (missing CÚline)

Staff Members and Researchers

Pat Heslop-Harrison - Professor of Molecular Cytogenetics and Cell Biology - CV

Trude Schwarzacher - Lecturer and Principle Investigator - Personal Webpage

Associated: John Bailey - Senior Experimental Officer - Personal Webpage

Associated: Jean Liggins - Departmental Technician

Post-doctoral Researchers, Visitors and Sabbatical Visitors
Gustavo Kuhn: Brazil.

Satellite DNA in Drosophila.


Sybille Kubis (part time postdoctoral work)

Crocus genome organization and evolution - part of


Worku (Ethiopia): Genetic diversity and agronomic characters in flax from Africa

Molecular Cytogenetics.


PhD and MSc Students 2007/2008
Olli (Ulrike) Anhalt: Project with Dr Suzanne Barth, TEAGASC, Oak Park Research Centre, Carlow, Ireland: Introgression in Lolium x Fescue forage grass hybrids
Niaz Ali (Pakistan)

Molecular cytogenetics and genomes in wheat lines


Faisal Nouroz (Pakistan)

Molecular cytogenetics and genomes in Brassica


Keerthy Santhosh MSc (India)

Genome anlaysis in Musa - Heterozygosity and diversity.


CÚline Tomaszewski : TEAGASC Walsh Fellowship.

Fine mapping of perennial ryegrass quantitative trait loci for biomass heterosis using comparative genomics and molecular cytogenetics



Recent Researchers in Leicester and on-going collaborations
Emmanuel Otwe (Ghana): Genetic diversity and drought tolerance in cowpea. Completed PhD March 2008.
Mahmoud Sharaf-Eldin Egypt

Crocus genome organization and evolution - part of


Hirakant Kalpande India

Commonwealth Fellow in Molecular Cytogenetics.


Professor Ashalatha (Asha) Nair, University of Kerala, India - Banana genes and genetic diversity. Commonwealth Scholar 2005/2006. Ongoing collaborations 2006-2008 with IAEA and Musa Genomics Consortium
Arathi Ajith Vijayan MSc (India)

Genome anlaysis in Musa - the DNA sequence in BACs (MSc project completed March 2008)

Dr Saeidi Hojjatollah and Professor Mohammad Reza Rahiminejad, Isfahan University, Iran Diversity in Iranian wheats, particularly Triticum (Aegilops) tauschii (squarrosa; D genome). Now an Associate Professor at University of Isfahan.

Chee How Teo - PhD Retrotransposons - Personal Webpage

PhD completed April 2007

Suresh Kumar (India) Bioinformatics, data dissemination and diversity in Banana/Musa

(MSc project completed 2006)

Torsten Wenke: Centromeric DNA and diversity
Azhar Mohamad (Malaysia): Azhar project Page Large-scale organization of the genome in banana with respect to diversity in disease resistance genes. PhD completed January 2007. Now a staff scienctist at Nuclear Malaysia.
Saadiah Jamli (Malaysia): Origins, genes and meat quality in Malaysia cattle breeds. PhD completed February 2007.
Alessanda Contento (NERC studentship with Dr Trude Schwarzacher): Polyploids, their evolution and genome interactions. PhD completed 2006.
  Assunta Biscotti - Pecten maxium (scallop) molecular cytogenetics and genome organization
  Suneetha Eluru - Generation Challenge Programme Visitor
  Dr Pratap Handique - Conservation of genes and genomic diversity