Low power micrographs of DAPI stained nuclei showing all stages of cell division. The ‘whole-mounts' of meristematic tissue were made by digesting in enzyme to dissolve partially the cell walls, and then placing under a cover slip without strong pressing, so the three-dimensional structure of the cells is visible.

  1. Hordeum vulgare x Hordeum bulbosum hybrid barley plant, with a stable karyotype (nearly all cells are 2n=2x=14). At metaphase (right side), congressed chromosomes are seen clearly on the horizontal metaphase plate.
Barley root tip cells stained with DAP at all stages of the cell cycle

2. Arabidopsis thaliana cells from a spread of a pistil.

Arabidopsis cells at different stages of the cell cycle, including a metaphase (2n=2x=20 chromosomes)