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East Midlands Oral History Archive

[Pictures of Leicester people through the twentieth century]

Talking history?
Oral history is everyone's history:
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Latest news from EMOHA

EMOHA's work continues through the Covid-19 situation and one of the recent developments is that the look of this website will change. The main pages will still be here and the URLs will remain the same, but the pages will look different. The sound clips on the website's exhibitions have been moved to Soundcloud and you can hear them on EMOHA's Soundcloud channel.

EMOHA's new project is 'The Silent Archive: Oral Histories of Menopause' and you can find out more about it here - https://eastmidsoha.home.blog/ - on the new blog page that has been set up to deliver all the latest news about what EMOHA is doing. If you want to get involved with the new project contact Helen Foster.

We are gathering information about oral history in the East Midlands and want to share information about all the holdings and projects in the region. Look here - East Midlands Oral History Pages - and let us know if anything is missing!

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A joint project to conserve and develop oral history resources in the East Midlands. Supported by the University of Leicester, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council.

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