Chromic Acid Treatment of Slides Used for Chromosome Preparation or Coating for Arrays


Cleans glass from grease and removes OH ions from glass making process

As we all share this process and rely on each other please consider the following:

  1. Use gloves and goggles.
  2. Active solution is orange to brown.
  3. Inactive solution becomes green/black; and solutions need to be changed.
  4. Use the German slides (Berliner Glas KG, SKAN) and put in racks in a zig-zag fashion. Wipe them with a dry cloth if necessary.
  5. Leave slides for 3-4 hours minimum (weeks is acceptable – always replace slides in solution when you take some out) - hence it is important to record when you put new slides into the solution. When solution is new (orange) two hours will be sufficient, but when solution gets older (brown) 5 hours are better.
  6. Transfer slides to water and rinse well.
  7. Air-dry in oven.
  8. Transfer to 96% alcohol; cover alcohol to avoid evaporation.
  9. Wipe clean before use.