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Trude Schwarzacher

Trude is a leading research scientist with some 100 publications in the field of genome organization, evolution, genetics and molecular genomics. She has extensive experience in management of major projects, and has won grants from the EU, BBSRC and international agencies. She was a Director of BioAstral from its foundation until November 2010, and the Company Secretary of BioAstral until September 2010, when Tim Maskell took over the role.

Her research is described on her University homepage

Trude Schwarzacher
BioAstral Limited

Trude is Austrian, and was awarded her PhD (on meiosis and gamete formation) from the University of Vienna, before moving to a prestigeous Director's Fellowship at the US DoE Los Alamos National Laboratories, where she was involved in the first development of fluorescence in situ hybridzation. After holding a BBSRC Research Fellowship, she moved to the University of Leicester as an academic staff member.