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Tim Maskell
Tim Maskell has 20 years experience of technology transfer and of the management of university spin-out ventures and early stage companies. He role has been in providing support to the academics and negotiation with them and the University over the structure and mechanisms for BioAstral to exploit the technology. From September 2010, he became Company Secretary of BioAstral. Limited.
Tim Maskell
Tim Maskell can be contacted as Company Incubation Manager, Research and Business Development Office, Fielding Johnson Building, telephone 0116 223 1372, fax 0116 252 2028, email

Tim Maskell's previous experience:

· Early career spent in senior management roles in industry operating in a wide range of different markets. 
· 5 years at the University of Nottingham in a technical transfer role. Chief Executive of company supporting Nottingham spin-outs.
· First Managing Director of one of the Nottingham spin-out companies, involved in the rapid detection of bacteria, especially in food and pharmaceutical processes.
· Following a company merger the range of activities was widened to include the rapid detection of TB in developing countries (producing test results in 48 hours rather than 4-6 weeks).
· October 2002 – left the company to set up a new venture with the objective of transferring some of the technology to veterinary applications.
· At the same time became involved with another early stage company developing novel plant-derived anti-virals, with links with the University of Brighton
· EMBA Business Champion providing mentoring and support to ventures across the East Midlands. 
· Non-executive Director of local NHS Primary Care Trust.