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David Ray

David works for himself as an independent consultant, focusing on the early stages of technology commercialisation. Increasingly his current efforts are focused on the early stage growth of BioAstral. He is a business angel investor in three university spinout companies, two with biotechnology focus: Bradford Particle Design, now part of Nektar Therapeutics, and Synaptica. Over the last 15 years David has undertaken technology audit and input to innovation programmes for universities, research institutions and a number of high tech SMEs.

David has been a regular participant in the activities of the Asia-Pacific Technology Network, a former Chairman of the Central Innovation Network, and a member of the steering groups of SIMFONEC and the London IDEAS Genetics Knowledge Park. He was Chief Technology Officer of BioAstral from foundation until summer 2010.

Before his currrent activites, David worked for BP Venture Research and was involved in the selection and funding of leading edge fundamental research projects at universities in the UK, Europe and the USA . Part of his responsibilities involved the identification of routes to commercialisation for the outcomes of this research. Two of the projects developed directly into growth spinout companies responding to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, IQBio and Oxford Asymmetry.



David Ray

David Ray graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh (1966) and a DPhil from the University of York (1970). Subsequently BP Chemicals recruited him for his expertise in free radical chemistry. His 20 year research career with the BP group (1970-1990) spanned work as a research chemist, fermentation technologist and R&D project leader with an emphasis on pilot plant development for new chemical processes. He has a number of patent applications to his credit.