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Leading University of Leicester Professor 'Takes Silk'

April 2002

No 76

Professor Malcolm Shaw and Judith Shaw PRESTIGIOUS OCCASION: Professor Malcolm Shaw pictured with his wife Judith Shaw at the House of Lords on April 10

A leading Professor of Law at the University of Leicester has been appointed as a Queen's Counsel.

Professor Malcolm Shaw, the Sir Robert Jennings Professor of International Law at the University of Leicester, was sworn in at a ceremony conducted by the Lord Chancellor for new QCs at the House of Lords on Wednesday April 10.

Professor Shaw teaches international law, human rights and equity and trusts in the Faculty of Law. He is Chair of the European Consortium of Law, which links together 12 law faculties from across Europe in an innovative co-operative enterprise.

He is working on a book on state succession, and revising his textbook on international law for the 5th edition. The textbook has been translated into Polish and Hungarian. He is also a practising barrister, specialising in public international law issues and was a members of the Law Panel for both the 1996 and 2001 Research Assessment Exercises.

Professor Shaw said: "QCs are appointed by the Lord Chancellor after a rigorous process of consultation with judges and senior colleagues.

"The appointments are strictly merit based - and are therefore a significant sign of achievement. QCs form the senior branch of the bar and about 10% of barristers are QCs."

Usually new QCs have been in practice for some 20 years at least before being taking silk. Professor Shaw was appointed 13 years after being called to the bar.

A QC wears a silk gown and is thus called a silk. He takes precedence over the junior Bar and is often in a case accompanied by a junior barrister.

NOTE TO EDITORS: For more information, contact Professor Shaw on 0116 252 2648 or

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