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New look eBulletin from June 1st

This edition of the eBulletin is the last in its present format. From the 1st of June the eBulletin is moving to the University's internal homepage, creating a central location for official University of Leicester information and news.

Contributing to the new look eBulletin is going to be even easier, via a simple Web based "Submit An Article" form accessible from every page of the new eBulletin Web site. Alternatively you can still contact the Press and Publications Office directly. The new look eBulletin is both an internal and external facing Web site, so however you choose to get
in touch, you will be raising awareness and improving the publicity for your news and events.

Every Monday morning a round-up of the week's newly published eBulletin articles will be sent to CFS account holders via e-mail. You will be at liberty to unsubscribe from the eBulletin e-mail if you would prefer to keep abreast of the same University news using only the eBulletin Web site.

It is intended that this weekly eBulletin e-mail will replace the "Weekly Digest" e-mail creating a centralised approach to official University of Leicester news distribution. Contributors to the "Weekly Digest" system are strongly encouraged to send their contributions to the new eBulletin either via the "Submit An Article" form or by direct communication with the Press and Publications Office via  

Please note that under the new look eBulletin the Computer Centre will no longer have day-to-day editorial control of the content of the internal and external homepages. This editorial responsibility has been handed over to the Press and Publications Office and Marketing Office respectively.

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