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Recent SCIcentre projects

  • Fibonacci Project: Large Scale Dissemination of Inquiry-Based Science and Mathematics Education (2010 - 2013)

There are 25 partners representing 21 different EU countries. The University of Leicester is  one of 12 Reference Centres who will provide field visits, tutoring and training based on experience gained through the successful ‘Pollen & Seed Cities for Science: a Community approach for sustainable growth of science education in Europe’. There will be a special focus on new ways of linking science and mathematics. Results will be disseminated in a major research conference ‘Bridging the gap between scientific education research and practice’ at the University of Leicester in April 2012.


  • Pollen:  Seeds Cities for Science - An EU-funded community approach for sustainable growth of science education in Europe (2007-2009)

The aim was to develop cities of excellence in primary science where innovative investigative strategies were trialled and shared between EU 12 countries. Leicester was the UK city.  Booklets based on practice in Leicester have been have been produced with SCIcentre.


  • REStARTS:  Raising European Students' Awareness in Aeronautical Research Through School-Labs (2009-2012)


The University of Leicester is giving educational advice on types and content of activities and to evaluate teachers' and pupils' responses to the activities.  It is funded by the EU with additional support from SCIcentre.  Being developed by four aeronautical firms in Belgium, Romania, Italy & Germany, who are setting out to promote public awareness and understanding of aeronautics and air transport research in Europe - through greater involvement of young people and their teachers, and through increasing teachers' and pupils’ positive attitudes towards studies in science and aeronautics.




Updated September 2010

Pollen Booklets

  • Cross-Curricular Hands-on Primary Science

(Autumn 2006)

  • Cross-Curricular Hands-on Primary Science:

Science & Art

(Spring 2007)

  • Cross-Curricular Hands-on Primary Science:

Sport & Science (Autumn 2008)

  • Cross-Curricular Hands-on Primary Science: Geography & Science (Spring 2008)

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