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Mentoring in Primary Science: 

A Classroom Case Study Video

What the video shows

The video examines the development of the relationship between mentor and student-teacher with the focus on science teaching.

It shows how one teacher mentor introduces a student to the school resources and supports her to develop medium-term plans for a topic on 'Materials'.  It then shows the planning, observation and debriefing of a lesson on melting.

The video picks out points of good practice, including how the mentor helps the student consider organisation and issues of safety; assists her to extend her subject knowledge; handle children's misconceptions; and improve her scientific discussion with children.

It is not expected that students could be given this time and level of support for every science lesson.  The video shows what can be done through one or two quality interactions.

Target Audience

The video is primarily for tutors and teacher mentors to use with student-teachers, although teacher trainers, mentors of newly-qualified teachers or anyone looking to improve the quality of primary science teaching should find it useful.

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Shown above with support booklet which is available separately: price 8.00

Price: £7.00 each
VHS, 27 minutes



Information supplied by: Tina Jarvis.   Last Updated August 2009