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Foundation Stage Science:  A Guide for Mentors

This booklet provides practical help in planning for Foundation Stage Science within the Knowledge and Understanding of the World Early Learning Goal.

It gives guidance to teacher trainees, inexperienced teachers and their mentors to help them evaluate, discuss and improve medium-term planning; activity planning with related play opportunities; as well as subsequent debriefing and action planning.  Examples of trainees' medium-term plan and activity plans are included with mentor responses.   The support is mainly in the form of checklists.  The checklists can also be used by science co-ordinators carrying out audits of current practice in order to provide staff support.

This material can be used alongside an on-line Professional Development unit which illustrates science in two Foundation Stage settings @


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Price: £10.00 each
A4, 68pp, wire-o Bound
Published in 2003

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