How did University of Leicester scientists identify the remains as Richard III, and what can we learn from them?

Osteology – reading the bones

What does the skeleton tell us about how Richard lived and died?

Carbon dating

How well do the bones match up with the date of Richard’s death and burial?

Forensic analysis using micro-CT

Cutting edge X-ray tomography technique used to study the edges of cuts.

Psychology of a sovereign

Applying modern analysis to what we know of Richard III, in the light of new discoveries

Genetics and Genealogy

The Plantagenet dynasty, their DNA and the scientific conclusions.

Living like a king

What does Stable Isotope Analysis of Richard’s bones and analysis of his stomach contents tell us about his diet and lifestyle.

Preserving the grave

King Richard III’s grave mapped in 3D

Face and voice

What did Richard III actually look like? And what did he sound like?

Base of the skull

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