Multimedia and links

The Archaeological Dig

The Burial

Removing a Tooth for DNA Analysis

Identifying the Remains

The Scientific Outcome

The DNA Analysis and Conclusion

Uncovering the Church of the Friars Minor Leicester

Time-lapse Recording of the Archaeological Dig at the Richard III Burial Site

The Tomb Design

Cathedral Memorial Stone Lifted

Choosing the Stone for Richard III's Tomb

Choosing the Wood for Richard III's Coffin

Hand Carving the Lettering onto Richard III's Oak Coffin

Richard III Leaving the University of Leicester - FULL CEREMONY

Micro-CT Scan of Richard III's Skull

Injuries to the Remains

The Genealogy

Medieval Archaeology

The Blue Boar

A look at Leicester

The Arched Framed Portrait

Opening the Medieval Stone Coffin Found at the Richard III Burial Site

The Judicial Review Decision

Date of the Reburial

King Richard III Visitor Centre

Design Influences Behind Richard III's Coffin

Michael Ibsen - The Creative Process and Richard III's Coffin

Jacquie Binns Working on Richard III's Funeral Pall

Richard III Ceremony Time-lapse

Micro-CT Scan of Richard III's Skull 3D

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