What was the town like five centuries ago, when Richard III rode through it on his way to Bosworth?

Who was Richard III?

A Plantagenet primer on the last English king to die in battle.

Richard’s visits to Leicester

Trace the King’s journeys through the town before Bosworth – and after.

Medieval Leicester

Explore the town as it was at the time of the Battle of Bosworth.

Previously at this address

The Greyfriars site has had many owners over the years, but fortunately no-one built anything on the crucial piece of ground.

The Blue Boar Inn

Space technology recreates the building where the King spent the eve of battle.

Leicestershire, England’s heart

Leicestershire lies at the heart of England’s history as well as its geography.

Meeting Richard

Contemporary accounts of the King: what did he really look like?

Shakespeare, More and more

Literary sources for Richard’s life and times.

Myths and legends

Don’t believe everything you read about Richard III.

Drawings from notebooks of 19th century architect Henry Goddard

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