The viewing platform will begin construction tomorrow.

Posted on 4 July 2013 by Charlotte Barratt - Richard III Outreach Officer

View of the East Church at the Grey Friars dig

So machining has finished. The next step is cleaning up the excavations and uncovering the areas that were excavated last time. The cuts for previous trenches have been found and the work to clear those again will start today.

The diggers will be off soon and the viewing platform will begin construction tomorrow. More information will come soon on when that will be open to the general public.

The wall lines that were uncovered previously have been extended and they are hoping to find more areas of preserved flooring as the area is uncovered. A little more of Herrick's garden path has been uncovered as well.

Both Claire and Emma are working hard, but enjoying the experience so far.

Herrick's garden path
Archaeology intern at the Greyfriars dig
Trenches dug at the Grey Friars site
Archaeology intern talking with Mathew Moris at the Grey Friars dig

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