Richard III’s 561st birthday!

Posted on 02 October 2013 by Charlotte Barratt - Richard III Outreach Officer

Today would have been Richard III’s 561st birthday! Happy Birthday Richard III!

We decided to see if we could collect 561 things inspired by the life and discovery of Richard III and unfortunately we fell a bit short. I really think there is 561 things out there, it is just that we couldn’t collect them all in three days.

So here are the highlights of what we have collected. If anyone has any to add please let us know.

For a start the Richard III Society would not have been founded if he had not lived, so that and Phillipa Langley’s inspiration to search for the remains of Richard III have to begin the list.

  1. King Richard III Infant School
  2. King Richard III Road
  3. King Richard III Public House
  4. King Richard III College (Majorca)
  5. Richard III exhibition at the Guildhall
  6. Walking Tour of Leicester
  7. Thomas Simpson made a Richard III snow king that was published in the Horrible Histories magazine
  8. Richard Buckley's birthday cake
  9. Emma Collins applied to University of Leicester
  10. Emma Roberts visited Bosworth Battlefield
  11. Erin Browne wrote a short story inspired by the dig, she was on a year abroad at the University of Leicester
  12. Matthew Lewis wrote a novel and a biography of Richard III's life
  13. Andrea Povey made her first ever visit to an archaeological dig, and read up on Richard III.
  14. Greyfriars Fine Foods created a whole food range (made in Leicester).
  15. Lauren Jones took her son to see a hole, in case it was the Right Hole, which it was!
  16. Elizabeth Ashworth was inspired by Richard III’s unnamed mistress in her novel By Loyalty Bound.
  17. Natalie Marney joined Twitter so she could keep up with the search. Created a King Richard III Challenge Badge for the Guides and Brownies
  18. We commissioned graphic art of the story of Richard III and the search for him.
  19. Richard III musical concert
  20. Open days for Greyfriars digs
  21. Channel 4 documentaries
  22. Grey Friars dig part 2
  23. Richard III Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with FutureLearn
  24. School of English Richard III recreations
  25. Bosworth re-enactors
  26. Genealogical searches
  27. 3D printed Blue Boar Inn
  28. Richard III podcasts
  29. Richard III cookies and sweets
  30. Greyfriars internships
  31. Richard III Family Open Days on campus
  32. Jon Culshaw’s impression at Graduation
  33. Richard III public lectures (we could list all of these individually and nearly reach 561!)
  34. David Baldwin’s book launch
  35. First academic paper in Antiquity
  36. Richard III merchandise / memorabilia
  37. Richard III petitions (all of them) over where he should be buried
  38. Creation of the Plantagenet Alliance
  39. Society for Intercultural Understanding’s American dance celebrating life of Richard III
  40. Cultural Partnership launched
  41. King Richard III Centre
  42. LE1 dedicated to RIII
  43. Student demonstration of medieval combat
  44. LUTheatre performing Richard III with Royal Shakespeare Company
  45. Blue Badge guided tours of city
  46. 3D map of RIII grave by Geography students
  47. Richard III songs and poems
  48. Celebrity support of the reinterment of Richard III
  49. Richard III holiday tours
  50. Blue plaque on the Travelodge showing where the Blue Boar in was
  51. Richard III psycho-analysis
  52. Local opticians advertising campaign
  53. Leicester Mercury souvenir edition
  54. Leicester Mercury schools Richard III drawings competition
  55. University of Leicester Discoveries campaign
  56. BBC News School Report
  57. Richard III beers
  58. Richard III themed beer festival
  59. Leicester City Football Club Richard III t-shirts
  60. RIII quiz book
  61. Leicester Cathedral remembrance ceremony
  62. Richard III Pitkin Guide book
  63. Botanic Gardens display
  64. Sir Jonathan North Girls School 'dig'
  65. Leon Hunt got a caricature sent to him.
  66. Public talks in Australia by Jo Appleby
  67. Public talks in Canada by Turi King
  68. Performances of Richard III the play in a New York car park
  69. Leicester Cathedral Flower Festival 'Loyalty Binds Me'
  70. Afternoon talks with Dr Phil Stone from the Richard III Society
  71. An evening with Richard Buckley
  72. Reception and talk in New York by Turi King
  73. King Richard III: Man of His Time with Sally Henshaw
  74. The Enactment Society presents the Battle of Bosworth
  75. The King's Grave: The Search for Richard III by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones
  76. Jadis Shadows Productions Present: Richard III – Now is the Winter of our Discontent
  77. A King Richard III Christmas
  78. Student volunteer Grace Jasper gave a talk to her local historical society in Farnham Surrey on the Richard III discovery
  79. Richard III Information posters
  80. Year 5 & 6 school sessions on University of Leicester campus for Archaeology and Genetics
  81. Primary schools resources with the help of Bridge Junior School
  82. Bridge Junior school student and parent programme
  83. Beauchamp College Richard III themed transition days
  84. Bosworth Battlefield Anniversary weekend
  85. Wymondham Medieval Festival
  86. Talks in schools around the UK about Richard III and studying at university
  87. Old Town festival in Leicester
  88. "Now is the Winter…" soliloquy competition
  89. Botanic Garden schools sessions on medieval plants and seeds
  90. Richard III at the Nottingham playhouse with pre-show talks by academics
  91. STEM events
  92. Schools from Devon planning visits to Leicestershire
  93. Children's books
  94. ULAS book on the dig
  95. Richard III website and online resources
  96. Talks at the Chalk Valley History Festival
  97. Research on soil and intestinal worms
  98. increased memebrship of the Richard III Society
  99. Online webchats with schools across the country and the dig team
  100. Creation of a Book of Hours by Leicestershire School Children
  101. Richard III Conference at College Court
  102. 200 people per day visiting the Greyfriars site during the second dig in July 2013
  103. Leicester Exchanges debate on 'Benevolent King or Murderous Tyrant'
  104. Richard III 'Hunchback or Hero' production at the Guildhall
  105. LUTheatre planned production of Richard III to perform at Leicester Cathedral
  106. Afternoon at the Greyfriars Dig for all the applicants for the Greyfriars internships
  107. Richard III t-shirts and merchandise
  108. Facial reconstruction
  109. Facial reconstruction tour
  110. Unique in York: Richard III, after hours museum visit looking at artefacts from Middleham Castle
  111. Family fun afternoon at Leicester Cathedral
  112. Lubenham create a Scarecrow King during their festival.

This doesn’t even count the numerous public talks to historical societies, schools and local interest groups that have taken place. If there is anything that you have done that has been inspired by the life and discovery of Richard III please let us know.

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