Deep excavations

Posted on 16 July 2013 by Charlotte Barratt - Richard III Outreach Officer

Following the visit from Dr Larry Conyers last week, we have had some more interesting visitors to the dig site. Yesterday, Ken Wallace who was the metal detectorist who discovered the Hallaton Hoard visited with his equipment. Unfortunately wasn't as successful as he has been in the past and nothing significant was discovered.

Leicester Mercury Reporter Peter Warzynski has also been down to try his hand as an Archaeologist. Peter often compiles the reports on Richard III based discoveries in the paper.

Ken Wallace of Hallaton Hoard fame
Ken Wallace of "Hallaton Hoard" fame visits the Greyfriars site to survey it with his metal detector.
Leicester Mercury Reporter Peter Warzynski
Leicester Mercury Reporter Peter Warzynski tries his hand as an Archaeologist.

Today we held an afternoon with Richard Buckley for all the students who had applied for the internships. We started at the Jewry Wall Museum for a bit of background information and a brief history of Leicester and then moved onto the area around the Cathedral. We showed them the Guildhall exhibition, Cathedral and the dig site so that they got a comprehensive look at the project and the organisations involved. There were plenty of questions and discussions going on. We finished our afternoon in St Martins House, and had a well earned cup of tea and piece of cake. Leon from the dig even joined us to answer some questions. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and amazing to see nearly 60 people who were all interested in the discovery last year and this year's dig. I hope they had a good day as we certainly did!

Just as a reminder, the dig site is open until 26th July between 9am - 4pm (the gates may shut shortly before 4pm on some days) seven days a week, if you want to drop in and see how it is going.

Richard Buckley talks to students who applied for the dig internships
"It could have been you" - Richard Buckley talks to students who applied for the dig internships.
Deep Excavations at the Greyfriars dig site
Deep excavations

South side of the friary

The south side of the Friary is cleaned in preparation to be photographed and recorded.

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