The full story behind one of the most extraordinarily serendipitous archaeological projects of modern times.

Background to the project

Why Greyfriars was the right place to dig, and why 2012 was the right to time to start digging.

The problems of urban archaeology

Mathew Morris discusses the problems faced by archaeologists searching for medieval remains underneath urban areas.

Greyfriars in old maps and plans

Tracing the site through history, from Franciscan friary to Council car park.

2012 Grey Friars excavation

Explore the discoveries of the original 2012 excavation through this immersive timeline.

2013 Grey Friars excavation

Learn about the key discoveries of the second excavation at Grey Friars in 2013.

Who else was buried at Grey Friars?

Discover what was learnt about the other skeletons found near Richard III’s grave.

New understanding of old Leicester

What the dig told us about the site and the city, even before we analysed the bones.

Reconstructing Grey Friars

Based on the archaeology uncovered during the Greyfriars dig, the University commissioned artist Jill Atherton to create these impressions of the church as it was in the late 15th century.

Medieval artifacts found during the dig at Greyfriars

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