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University of Leicester Development Plan: The Plan

September 2002
No 205b


The Development Plan is based on key principles and objectives:

The plan examines the University estate, which has developed  historically, and seeks to develop it as an integrated whole.

It proposes that the University’s estate on University Road should be seen as three parts of one major campus: North, Central and South:

CENTRAL CAMPUS: The University site on University Road

-      Creating a new face for the University along University Road and a new square as the main entrance into the campus

-      Creation of a new Central Square –with social, catering, teaching facilities and landscaping

-      Providing a new entrance square to the University from Victoria Park

-      Expanding the Library and creation of new Learning Resources Centre linked by an arcade or gallery to the historic original building of the University, the 1837 Fielding Johnson Building.

-      Consideration given to change of use or relocation of existing facilities to ensure they are in buildings which are more suited to their purpose

-      Providing underground parking and increasing provision of pedestrian-only areas

-      Adding 50,000sq.m of new buildings on the central campus

NORTH CAMPUS: University sites on Regent, Princess, Salisbury and London Roads

-         Review of use of these sites to ensure optimum use is being made

-         Create new pedestrian and landscaped links wherever possible between these sites and the historic New Walk promenade

SOUTH CAMPUS: Freemen’s Common and Nixon Court

-         Freemen’s Common, a prominent site at the University Road/Welford Road junction will be completely redeveloped for academic and teaching use


The  College in the heart of Leicester, located at the ancient historic Roman site of the city, is part of the University’s Institute of Lifelong Learning and provides a valuable interface with the people of Leicester. Under the Development Plan, it would become a gateway to the broader activities of the University rather than being seen as an outpost of the campus. This would be achieved by enhanced and improved signage.


-      Creation of a ‘student village’ by examining the feasibility of a new pedestrian network linking the University’s halls of residence in Oadby

-      Comprehensive review and redevelopment of all residences

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