January 2000

No 3

Government pleas to leave cars at home and use public transport have not been popular.

"If people are to be coaxed out of their cars the alternative needs to be fast and cheap, its network extensive", says Leicester Geographical Association Officer Martyn Gower, of Leicester Grammar School.

So it will be welcome that Leicester GA with the University of Leicester and the Royal Geographical Society will be presenting a public lecture on this topic by Dr Griff Warrilow entitled "Transport 2000: Urban Transport of the Future".

Dr Warrilow says "Urban Transport networks are being revolutionised in many European and North American cities. They have been so successful that a new generation of them is due to open in this decade, providing real competition against unlimited urban car growth".

"Transport 2000" will roll into the Bennett Building at the University of Leicester at 7.30 pm on Thursday 13 January.

Further details of this public lecture are available on 0116 221 7207.

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