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Taming a Killer

September 2002

Across the world three million people every year die from tuberculosis (TB), and numbers are growing, fuelled by the spread of the AIDS virus.

Nor is TB confined to the developing world. Drug resistant strains of the TB bacterium are becoming an increasing problem in both Western Europe and North America, with little respect for social standing or background.

The University of Leicester is a growing centre of expertise on TB research, with several groups researching different aspects of TB biology, biochemistry and pharmacology. Leicester experts among others will be leading a session on “The scientific challenge of tuberculosis” at the BA Festival of Science 2002, held at the University of Leicester from 9-13 September.

Quality of life is this year’s theme for the BA Festival, which is the UK’s biggest science festival, held annually at different universities throughout the country. This year’s event will attract 400 top international scientists and science communicators and reveal the latest developments in research.

A total of 3,000 delegates are expected to attend the event at the University, as well as thousands of students of all ages and members of the public interested in science.

The Festival returns to the University of Leicester for the third time since 1921, during a year in which the University is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

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