[Press and Public Relations] Eric Celebrates Degree Success - at 82

July 2001

No. 77

Master's degree for student who escaped the Holocaust

At 82, Eric Lewinsohn is among the oldest students to be graduating from the University of Leicester.

And his remarkable achievement of completing his M.Phil and gaining his degree will serve as a tribute to his parents -who died during the Holocaust.

The subject of the study is also a testament to the courage of the octogenarian - for he revisits the Holocaust which accounted for the death of millions of people.

Mr Lewinsohn, of Hinckley, wrote about Aspects of Leadership in the Terezin Ghetto as the subject of his thesis. He will be awarded his Master's degree at the University’s degree ceremony on July 11th at 11am.

As a boy Mr Lewinsohn, witnessed the birth of the Nazi regime but escaped from Berlin in 1938, aged 19. His mother and father, Fritz and Blanka Lewinsohn, perished in the Auschwitz death camp four years later, in 1942.

During his research Mr Lewinsohn visited Prague, Terezin and built up many contacts across Europe. His supervisor Professor Aubrey Newman, joint Director of the Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust Studies at the University, congratulated Mr Lewinsohn on his splendid effort.

Mr Lewinsohn regularly gives talks on the holocaust in schools around Leicestershire.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: For more information, please contact Eric Lewinsohn on 01455 238 666. The degree ceremony for Eric Lewinsohn is on July 11 at 11am at De Montfort Hall, Leicester.

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