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Students Face Up to Studies With a Facial!

June 2002
No 128

Students at the University of Leicester have discovered the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of exams - an Indian head massage!

A range of holistic treatments including aromatherapy and reflexology complement swotting-up sessions putting students in just right frame of mind to tackle anything from the Second Law of Thermodynamics to Perspectives in Renaissance Art.

For those keen on putting on more than just a brave face at University, a professional beauty therapist is at hand providing services that include facials, detox body treatments, manicures, pedicures - and even hair and make-up for special occasions and brides.

According to Sports and Recreation Manager Colin Hide, the days of the grunge look when students might have survived in one pair of jeans throughout their course are long gone: "Students today are much more concerned about their lifestyle - their appearance, fitness and pastimes.  I like to describe it as 'The Friends Generation.'"

Razina Suida who operates the beauty salon at the University's Health and Fitness Club said students enjoyed a spot of pampering after a workout: "We are quite busy and I offer several sessions a week at the University.

"We are extending the service to staff as well as the local community.  I do think students benefit from the sessions and they can definitely afford our low prices which are discounted especially for students.

"Most come in for a facial or waxing, nail extensions and body treatments.  There is definitely an increase in the take-up services just before the exam period when students come in for more holistic treatments.

"It puts them in the right frame of mind and I believe it definitely makes a difference in their attitude towards their studies. They are much more relaxed."

The salon offers slimming help, electrolysis, detox treatments and more.

NOTE TO NEWSDESK: There are photo opportunities at the Salon. Contact Razina on 07970 721548.  

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