[Press & Publications] New Link for Law Students Between UK and South African Universities

August 2000

No 160

The University of Leicester, UK, has signed an agreement with Rhodes University, South Africa, which will expand the horizons for students taking Law degrees at the two universities.

Selected Leicester students taking the undergraduate degree of LLB (International) will, in future, be able to spend one year studying Law at Rhodes University, converting their degree from three to four years.

The South African link has been set up following a similar, highly successful, link with the National University of Singapore that has been operating for the past five years. Two Leicester students will spend their third year at Rhodes, while four Rhodes students will spend one semester at Leicester. The arrangement has been set up in this way to keep the high costs of visiting Britain for South African students to a minimum.

In each case fees - including accommodation fees - will be paid by the students in their country of origin and at their home country's rates.

Rhodes is one of the oldest universities in South Africa. It is situated in Grahamstown, about 100 miles from Port Elizabeth, a coastal resort in the Eastern Cape. It is a medium-size town and is well-known for hosting the leading arts festival in South Africa.

Professor Chris Clarkson, of the University of Leicester Law Department, who was instrumental in negotiating the agreement, explained how it came about. "We planned to expand the LLB (International) degree, and the next step came when I was recently in South Africa on study leave and was able to arrange this agreement with Rhodes University."

He feels the Leicester students who are able to spend a year at Rhodes University will have a very positive experience. “Grahamstown has much to offer our students and should be an attractive, comfortable and safe environment for them. The academic and cultural experience they will gain there will stand them in good stead, not just in developing the skills they need for their degrees, but in their future careers.”

Professor Rob Midgley, Dean, Faculty of Law, Rhodes University, South Africa said: “We are delighted with our newly-established links with the University of Leicester’s Department of Law. While a limited number of students may be fortunate enough to broaden their academic experience overseas, far more will benefit from interacting with visitors to our campus. The link brings an added dimension to what we offer to our students.”

The Rhodes students, too, will benefit from their semester at the University of Leicester, whose Law Department is internationally renowned and is listed among the top 10 in the UK in major surveys and is highly regarded for graduate recruitment by the nation's leading law firms.

The exchange will start fully in September 2001, although one student will be coming to Leicester from Rhodes in September this year.

Note to editors - Further information is available from the Department of Law, University of Leicester, tel +44 (0)116 252 2363, fax +44 (0)116 252 5023, email jmg16@le.ac.uk.

Professor Midgley can be contacted on tel +27 (0)46 6038432/8427, fax +27 (0)46 6228960,email R.Midgley@ru.ac.za, or visit the Faculty website at www.rhodes.ac.za/academic/departments/law.


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