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July 2002
No 148

One marriage, three children, two business launches and one PhD - all in just eight years! 

Dr Karen Gill, who has achieved this, is to be awarded a Doctorate in Criminology for her research into insurance fraud at this year’s University of Leicester degree congregations.

In 1993, Karen began studying for her PhD, at the University of Leicester’s Scarman Centre, following a Masters degree in Security Management. 

Her research, based on insurance fraud, focused on how individuals fiddle insurance claims.  She discovered, through a series of surveys, that insurance fraud is extremely commonplace in all walks of life.  Individuals ranging from doctors to lawyers are all involved. 


Karen Gill
Karen Gill

Equally commonplace is the attitude towards insurance companies.  Many people feel no remorse at manipulating claims and are very ready to admit to having done it, seeing insurance companies as very unfair and as ‘ deserving victims’.

A PhD is a major achievement in itself but Karen has completed hers amongst a host of other commitments.  In the same year as her research commenced, Karen launched her first business, ‘Perpetuity Press’.  This is a publishing company, which deals with the publication of books and journals.  She also launched an Internet business, ‘Safety Chain’, selling safety and security products.

Just a year after embarking on her research, Karen Gill married Professor Martin Gill, Director of the University of Leicester Scarman Centre.  In the same year, their first baby was born two more children following in 1996 and 1999. 

In response to the completion of her PhD, Karen said that she was very relieved.  She added, however, that her aim and hope was that insurance companies could learn from the research that she had conducted.  She believes that research cannot be of any benefit if it is just left to sit on the shelf, and she hopes her work will be of use, given the incredible difficulty attached to detecting and proving insurance fraud.

Karen has already prepared her thesis as a book which will be published later in the year.

Dr Karen Gill will receive the degree of PhD, at the University of Leicester Degree Congregation at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester, on Friday 12 July at 11.00am

NOTE TO EDITORS: Further details are available from Dr Karen Gill, 0116 221 7778 or

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