[Press and Public Relations] Roderick Floud Acclaims Universities as Educators, Entrepreneurs and Idealists

October 2001

No 145

In a speech at a Labour party conference fringe meeting last week, Professor Roderick Floud, President of Universities UK, said that universities were proud of their wide role as educators, entrepreneurs and idealists:

"Universities educate and train people with the skills they need to participate fully in society and give them the skills employers need. They are entrepreneurial - they enable the UK to punch above its weight in terms of research and set up countless spin off companies in areas such as satellite technology, biotechnology and robotics."

Professor Floud also stressed to the audience and his fellow speakers, who included Margaret Hodge MBE, MP, Minister for Lifelong Learning and Higher Education, that:

"Universities are also reaching into their communities, combating social exclusion and improving cultural understanding in their regions."

Professor Floud cited one example: "The University of Leicester, for instance, has set up a Centre for Studies in Community Healthcare, which is designed to assist urban regeneration by bringing student nurses and social workers to work in the local community."


For more information, please contact Dr Angela Lennox, Director of the Centre for Studies in Community Health Care, University of Leicester, on 0116 2244668.

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