[Press and Public Relations] Researching the Future of Leicester


                                                                                                                                                             January 2002

No 20

The City of Leicester has come under the microscope, and 2000 Leicester people will be sought to help by completing a questionnaire which should be dropping through doors throughout the city in the next few days.

In addition Dr Christopher Pole and his colleagues at the University of Leicester will be conducting focus groups and interviews with people from different walks of life who currently live in Leicester. 

The aim of the study is to find out what life in Leicester is like now and how people would like it to be in the future. One of the key concerns of the research is that of ethnicity and multi-culturalism.

The research which is scheduled to take some nine months to complete is funded jointly by the University of Leicester, the Leicester Mercury and Leicester City Council.

Dr Pole will be collecting existing information on the basic character of the city's population, as well as details of the present use of the city by different social groups.   He will then look at how the city's population may be made up in the future, what image it will have and what use the different groups will make of it.

The research will analyse the experience of living in Leicester for different social groups, and will achieve this through individual interviews, surveys and group discussions.  

He said:  "The research offers a real opportunity for people who live in Leicester to have their say about the future development of their city by telling us about their experiences of living and working here."

Leicester Mercury Editor Nick Carter said: " We hope that this research will help throw more light on how our city will develop into the future."

Councillor Ross Willmott, leader of Leicester City Council, said: "The study will help us better understand the diversity in our city. It will provide us with a picture of how people use and identify with our city."


Note to editors:   Further information on the research project Researching the Future of Leicester is available from Dr Chris Pole, telephone 0116 252 2724, email cjp21@le.ac.uk.



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