[Press and Public Relations] Racism and Anti-Racism in Football

August 2001

No. 109


Is racism endemic in British football? Are xenophobic and racist attitudes reinforced by some tabloid coverage? How effective are initiatives such as Show Racism the Red Card at curbing racism both on and off the pitch?

A new book called Racism and Anti-racism in Football examines these questions using new research conducted by experts from the Scarman Centre at the University of Leicester.

Racism and Anti-racism in Football

explores racism, anti-racism and national identity in British football by relating the history of black players in the game, analysing the racism they have experienced, and evaluating the efficacy of anti-racist campaigns.

The book covers new ground in the analysis of anti-racism, particularly in its assessment of how effectively racism is policed, both at football matches and in clubs themselves.

Using new material on the media coverage of Euro '96 and France '98, the book looks at nationalism and xenophobia in football, highlighted by the way that English, Scottish and Welsh identities are constructed within the game.

About the Authors:

JON GARLAND is a Research Fellow at the Scarman Centre, University of Leicester, a centre of academic excellence conducting research, teaching and professional training in the areas of public disorder, including policing, crime prevention and the management of community safety. He has published widely on issues of racism, ethnicity and identity, racism and anti-racism in British football, policing, and football-related disorder.

MICHAEL ROWE lectures in policing at the Scarman Centre, University of Leicester. He has written widely on the politics of racism and urban unrest in British society, the policing of football, and racism and anti-racism in British football.

About the Book:

Palgrave will publish Racism and Anti-Racism in British Football by Jon Garland and Michael Rowe in August 2001. It is available in hardback at 42.50 (ISBN 0-333-73079-8) and in paperback at 14.99 (ISBN 0-333-96392-X).

To obtain a review copy or to discuss an article by the authors, please contact: Louise Crawford, Publicity & Communications Manager, Tel 01256 302859 Fax 01256 330688 l.crawford@palgrave.com

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