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Prestigious International Award for Young Scientist

April 2002

No 83     

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A young University of Leicester scientist has won a prestigious international award which will be presented to her in Nice this weekend.

Dr Emma Bunce of the Radio & Space Plasma Physics Group in the Department of Physics & Astronomy was identified as the best young scientist by the European Geophysical Society.

Emma produced the best paper in planetary science published in 2002. She was the first author of the paper on Jupiter's magnetosphere, with Professor Stan Cowley of the University of Leicester.

Her medal will be presented at the opening and award ceremony of the 27th General Assembly in the Nice-Acropolis Congress Centre on Sunday, 21 April.

Emma read for her undergraduate degree in Physics with Space Science and Technology at Leicester and followed this with her PhD again at Leicester.  The PhD was completed in July last year, supervised by Professor Stan  Cowley.

She said: "I am obviously delighted to receive this award in recognition of my work.  The work was part of the research completed for my PhD here at Leicester, in the Planetary Science section of the Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group.  The paper uses magnetic field data from the Pioneer and Voyager interplanetary spacecraft to quantify the electric currents and magnetic field at Jupiter, and as a result has provided a basis for understanding Jupiter's amazing main auroral emissions which glow in the planet's ionosphere. 

"This is a very exciting step in the field of jovian physics, and has allowed the main auroral oval to be theoretically modelled for the first time."

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