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New Certificate in Black and Asian Studies at University of Leicester

July 2002
No 163

A new two year part-time course in Black and Asian Studies has been launched by the University of Leicester.

The course is aimed at people interested in understanding the critical and historical Black and Asian presence in Britain. The course will enable its participants to understand the links between Black and British history, and an insight into how some issues have contributed to the shaping of Britain and its multi-cultural population.

Offered by the University’s Institute of Lifelong Learning, it is available at the University’s adult education centre, Vaughan College.  

Course Director Tony Ramsey said: “The course uses a variety of approaches to cover a wide range of subjects. The course focuses on giving students the experience of many cultures, such as African, Caribbean and Asian peoples in Leicester and Britain. This is achieved by the study of history, culture, philosophy, economy and politics.

“The curriculum is based on the presumption that there is a valuable body of knowledge that expresses the Black and Asian experience. The course consists of three taught modules over the academic year. Independent studies and tutorial support is incorporated into the timetable of the certificates course.

“The certificate develops a wide range of skills. These include critical analysis, written and oral communication skills and new perspectives on history. Also, as Britain grows more ethnically diverse each day, the knowledge, appreciation and sensitivity to a multi-cultural society will be increasingly more useful in daily life.”  

tony ramsey
Tony Ramsey

Former student Guy Sumpter commented on the atmosphere of the organising lifelong learning centres: “Staff at the University’s lifelong learning centres are friendly, approachable and helpful. The atmosphere is welcoming and not intimidating – ideal for those who may be considering higher education for the first time.”

The course fee is £350 per annum. The certificate will take be held at Vaughan College on Tuesday evenings from 6pm until 9pm commencing on 26th September 2002.

The course will be assessed by means of coursework and an examination at the end of the second year. Students will also be required to produce a small project and keep a learning diary.

For further information on the course, please contact: Helen Pascoe, telephone 0116 252 5966 or email

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