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Ministers and MPs View University of Leicester's Achievements in Genetics

February 2003
No 37

Staff from the University of Leicester recently prepared to present their world-class achievements before a gathering of political figures.

Geneticists Professor Ed Louis and Dr Rhona Borts presented some of the Department of Genetics' recent developments to ministers and MPs to highlight the impact of their work.

At the presentation - on February 5 in the Savoy Hotel - were the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, the Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP.

The Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester is the only 5-star research rated department in the UK (Research Assessment Exercise, 2001) and has won the Queen's Anniversary Prize for pioneering research and its impact on society.

Major University genetics research highlights which were drawn to the attention ministers and MPs included:

    Discovery of DNA genetic fingerprinting

    Study of heritable DNA changes and the impact of environmental factors such as radiation

    DNA defects in inherited disorders -including deafness, birth defects, psoriasis and     eczema

    Study of infectious diseases

    Analysing aspects of behaviour

    Investigation of the genes and molecular mechanisms involved in diseases such as     cancer

    Probing human DNA diversity and origins

Professor Louis said: "This was a wonderful opportunity to meet with MPs and ministers and to highlight the impact of our work on industry, the public, science and medicine.

"This has been a tremendous year for the Department of Genetics and the University of Leicester. We have recently launched the Institute of Genetics which brings together more than 250 researchers from across the University with the Department of Genetics at its centre."

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