October 1999

No 180

A University of Leicester student is making a marathon effort to raise money for a Leicestershire charity.

Chemistry postgraduate Ian Smith aims to raise funds for The Laura Centre by taking part in the New York marathon on 7 November.

He said: "A couple of years ago I and a fellow Chemistry PhD student, Barry Pollard, undertook to cross the country on foot in aid of Rainbows children's hospice in Loughborough. We covered nearly 200 miles in 11 days, and raised over 900. Since then I have helped out with a number of fund-raising events for Rainbows. It was at one such event, the 'Walk of Life' that I heard of the intention of Rainbow's sister charity, The Laura Centre, to send a team of runners to the New York Marathon."

Ian added: "Having never run a marathon before, I hadn't a clue what the training held in store. It came as a bit of a shock - night after night of blood, sweat and tears, and a night down the pub is but a distant memory!

"To help me towards my target of 1,500 for the Laura Centre, University of Leicester Rag is arranging a balloon race, which will take place during Rag Week (1 - 5 November) with lots of goodies for the owners of the balloons which travel the furthest.

"Tickets went on sale on the Rag stand during Freshers' Week, and are also available at the Rag Office until race day at a cost of 1. There is also a collection tin in the Charles Wilson coffee shop, and I'd ask people please to contribute to this worthy cause. Every penny will be very gratefully received."

Last year, University of Leicester Charities Appeal raised a total of 55,000 for charity.

For more information or to offer help contact Ian Smith 0116 281 2572 or email ims1@le.ac.uk

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