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December 2001

No 197

A one day meeting at the University of Leicester will address the issue of how decisions made by developed countries, on environment and health, have an impact on developing countries.

meeting, which is being organised by the MRC Institute for Environment and Health based at the University, aims to unite in discussion the public, special interest groups, scientists and policy makers. It is one of those rare occasions where a broad sector of people is brought together by one common objective: raising awareness.

Organiser Linda Shuker said: "The emphasis is not just on science and policy but on debate and discussion.

"Decisions important to human health are to be addressed. One example is the provision of clean drinking water to communities. Should we expect drinking water to be treated in the same way in developed and developing countries?

"Discussion about what factors influence decision-making will be a key element. In what ways do public opinion as well as both national and international policy play a part in how decisions are made? Different groups have different opinions, for example, on the emerging issue of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), and this is to be addressed at the meeting."

During the day, everyone who attends will have the chance to talk informally to like, or indeed unlike, minded individuals including world-leading academics; and participants will have the chance to present a 'Poster' or mini-display about their own interests.

Dr Shuker added: "The meeting is not going to bring about immediate major change but we hope it will stimulate discussion of new ideas on the way forward". Participants can expect not to be lectured at but to interact.

The meeting, entitled 'Environment and Health: Regional Decisions-Global Impact', takes place on 17 April, 2002, in the Ken Edwards Building at the University of Leicester. For more information or to register phone: 0116 233 1611, or email: gm59@le.ac.uk.

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