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Leicester Experts Launched Into Cyberspace!

November 2002

LEXICAN: University of Leicester’s first electronic experts guide for the media

The University of Leicester is providing on-line access to its academic expertise through a new web resource.

LEXICAN - a comprehensive database of staff expertise which will constantly be updated - is designed specifically for the media.

The University is constantly in the news and its staff provide expert comment on a wide range of issues for local, national and international media.

The expertise extends across the range of University’s faculties, including Science, the Social Sciences, Arts, Education and Continuing Studies, Law, Medicine and Biological Sciences. It profiles the expertise of staff from scores of departments and centres.

LEXICAN enables easy and quick access to detailed information. Via a simple search journalists can reach the most appropriate expert. Contact details, department, full description of expertise/specialisms are all supplied. Links to personal and departmental websites are also given if available. An additional search tool is also included - a list of subject categories designed to reflect a journalistic approach.

Ather Mirza, from the University’s Press Office said: “The University of Leicester is keen to make its resources available a wider audience and the media plays a key part in disseminating information about the University’s research, teaching and other developments.

“We offer a fast and efficient service in response to media enquiries and web-based media approaches are increasingly becoming a source of enquiries.

“When searching for an expert, we want the media to know - if anyone can LEXICAN!”

Media can access LEXICAN via the following link:

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Information supplied by: Barbara Whiteman
Last updated: November 2002
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