November 1999

No 210

University of Leicester Engineering Department 2nd Annual Industry Lecture

Ron Ayers, a key figure in the race to beat the world land speed record and go supersonic, is the guest speaker at a lecture which will show engineering students at the University of Leicester what life in the fast lane is really about.

Ron Ayers was project aerodynamicist for the ThrustSSC team which on 15 October 1977 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada fired the public imagination both in this country and abroad with their dramatic success in setting a new supersonic land speed record of 763.035 mph.

Ron will describe some of the unique problems faced in designing a supersonic car, and video sequences will be used to illustrate the basic research undertaken before detailed design can commence.

Particular reference will be made to the safety philosophy used throughout the project. The students will also watch scenes of the car travelling at supersonic speeds across Black Rock Desert.

Ron Ayers' talk to engineering students on Thursday, December 2, is the Engineering Department's second Annual Industry Lecture. Afterwards students will be able to speak to representatives from major companies who are sponsoring the event. The sponsors include ABB ALSTOM Power UK Ltd, Perkins Engines Company Ltd, Rolls-Royce, TRW, ABB ALSTOM Power Technology Centre.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to see the exciting career possibilities available in engineering," said Professor Ian Postlethwaite, Head of the Department of Engineering. "The land speed record was a major achievement of UK engineering and the culmination of 4 years of collaborative research and testing from a dedicated team of experts."

The lecture will take place in the New Building, Lecture Theatre 1. ADMISSION BY TICKET ONLY.


There will be a Photo-Call opportunity at 8.45pm at the reception following the lecture in the Charles Wilson Building Senior Common Room.

For further information please contact Professor Ian Postlethwaite on 0116 252 2547.

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