[Press & Publications] New Advisory Body on Hazardous Chemicals

September 2000

No 174

Dr Paul Harrison, Acting Director of the Institute for Environment and Health at the University of Leicester, has been appointed to a national body dealing with chemicals in the environment.

The UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum, announced in the Government's Chemicals Strategy last December, is a new advisory body to promote a better understanding between stakeholders - government, business, environment and consumer groups - of the concerns which people have about chemicals in the environment.

The Forum, which will meet for the first time next month will include representatives from environmental and conservation organisations, the chemical industry, trade associations, consumer groups, trade unions and the scientific community.

The Forum will advise on public concerns about chemicals in the environment; on the selection and assessment of chemicals considered likely to cause serious or irreversible damage to the environment; and on industry proposals for action to reduce these risks.

The Forum will meet three or four times a year. It will seek to represent all groups of society, across the UK, with an interest in the sustainable production and use of chemicals. It will operate in a transparent and open manner and all of its papers will be made available on the internet.

The first task of the Forum will be to identify criteria for rapid identification of chemicals which are likely to cause serious or irreversible damage to the environment. The Forum will advise, as a priority, on risk management measures for those chemicals posing unacceptable risks to the environment or human health through environmental exposure.

The Forum will have access to high quality scientific, technical, economic and other guidance. This will cover a range of environmental, health and other issues which fall within the responsibility of many Government departments.


For more information, contact Dr Harrison on 0116 223 1610 Web address: www.le.ac.uk/ieh

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