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October 2001

No 139

A University of Leicester art historian is co-ordinating a forthcoming exhibition in a London gallery, focusing on the writings and ideas of Italo Calvino.

The Illuminated Calvino, to be held at the Coningsby Gallery, Tottenham Street, London W1, was the inspiration of the internationally known artist, Tristan Humphries, who died in 2000, and who is commemorated by the exhibition.

Rather than portray straightforward illustrations to Calvino’s writing, the exhibition will reflect the shared interest that all the artists involved have in his writings and ideas. Calvino’s texts embrace a wide diversity of interests from medieval romances and folk tales to science fiction and computer technology.

Much of the work displayed will build on recent research into the use of digital technology in printmaking.

The artists featured will include: Raz Barfield, digital printmaker (London); Colin Cina, painter, printmaker and Head of the Chelsea College of Art (London); Eileen Hogan, painter, printmaker and Professor of the London Institute (London); Simon Marsh, printmaker (London); Tiffany McNab, painter and printmaker (Victoria, Australia); Megan McPherson, digital printmaker (Victoria, Australia); Geoff Quilley, artist and art historian (Leicester); Richard Slee, ceramicist (London); Rupert Wheeler, architect (London); Karyn White, painter and printmaker (London); Sarah Winfrey, multimedia artist (Victoria, Australia); David Wood, illustrator (London).

Geoff Quilley, co-ordinator of the exhibition and a member of the University of Leicester History Department of History of Art, said: “The story of The Illuminated Calvino is itself Calvino-esque. The beginning of its story is Tristan Humphries. His was the concept to bring together a group of artists, writers, his friends and colleagues, to produce works exploring the writings of Italo Calvino.

“Tristan’s death in August 2000 is a fathomless absence at the centre of the project, leaving its participants to take up his impetus and re-fashion it into a set of new beginnings. So each artist’s narrative of their involvement in The Illuminated Calvino has its common thread in Tristan.”

The Illuminated Calvino will run from 26 November to 8 December 2001 at the Coningsby Gallery, Tottenham Street, London W1. Opening hours will be 10.00 -5.30 and admission is free.

The exhibition enjoys the support of The Arts and Humanities Research Board, The Italian Cultural Institute, Vintage Books and Jarman & Co.

Note to editors: Further details about The Illuminated Calvino and photo and interview opportunities with the artists are available from Dr Geoff Quilley, University of Leicester Department of History of Art, telephone 0116 252 2678, facsimile 0116 252 5128, email gq2@le.ac.uk.

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