[Press and Public Relations] New Aircraft Security Proposals Could Jeopardize Sefety, Warns University Of Leicester Expert

November 2001

No 168

A University of Leicester aviation expert is to address a gathering of international journalists on the state of international aviation.

Dr Simon Bennett, a lecturer in risk and security management at the Scarman Centre, will provide a briefing for journalists at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Whitehall, organised by the International Press Service.

Dr Bennett said: "I will address two issues. First, the economic impact on commercial aviation of the events of September 11. Secondly the costs and effectiveness of proposed new security measures like armoured cockpit doors, passenger profiling and air marshals."

Dr Bennett said that, as a 'social good', commercial aviation does not deserve to be treated like a political football or instrument of terror. By exposing travellers to different cultures, commercial aviation provides enormous benefits to humankind.

"It builds tolerance and understanding. Because of this it should be helped through the crisis of confidence that currently bedevils the industry," said Dr Bennett.

Bennett will also argue that each new security measures should be evaluated in terms not only of its contribution to security levels, but also in terms of its overall impact on safety levels.

s while locking cockpit doors may (temporarily) prevent a hi-jacker from seizing control of the aircraft, in a crisis situation where seconds are vital a locked door may prevent the required level of close communication between pilots and cabin crew.

e need for effective and rapid communication between the cabin and flight deck was one of the findings of the inquiry into the 1989 Kegworth air disaster at East Midlands Airport. It would be disastrous if such hard-earned lessons were now forgotten," he said.

talk to international journalists is scheduled to take place on November 6.

TO NEWSDESK: For more information please contact Dr Bennett on 0116 252 5700.

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