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Staff and student distinctions, November 2003
(As reported to Senate)

Staff distinctions:

Professor Graeme Barker (Archaeology and Ancient History) has been invited, as President of the Prehistoric Society, to become a member of the comité d’honneur of the societé prehistorique français, in respect of the centenary celebrations of the societé. He is also serving for a three-year period as a member of the AHRB Board of Management.

Emeritus Professor John Beeby (Physics and Astronomy) has been elected unopposed to the position of Honorary Secretary of the Institute of Physics. 

Dr Marcus Cooke (Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine) has been awarded the title of Young Scientist of the Year by the European Environmental Mutagen Society.

Professor Peter Farmer (Biochemistry/Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine) has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to research and scientific excellence in chemical toxicology by the European Society of Toxicology (EUROTOX). Professor Farmer has also received a Royal Society of Chemistry award for the development of new analytical methods using bioanalytical techniques. 

Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison (Biology) has been elected to the Board of the European Cytogenetics Association.

Dr Paul Houston (Mathematics)
has become an Editor of the International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modelling.

Dr Diane Hudman (Cell Physiology and Pharmacology) has been awarded a British Heart Foundation Intermediate Fellowship for three years from 2003.

Professor John Hunton (Mathematics)
has had his monograph, Topological Invariants for Projection Method Patterns (with Forrest and Kellendonk), named as one of those publications receiving a ‘Featured Review’ by the American Mathematical Society. Only 70-80 such publications in the whole of mathematics receive such a distinction each year.

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys (Department of Genetics) has been awarded:

· the Terence J. Green Award by the International Homicide Forensic Association for his significant contribution to the investigation of homicide
· the Carter Medal by the Clinical Genetics Society
· the Howard Steel Medal by the British Orthopaedic Association.

Dr David Lambert (Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine/Cell Physiology and Pharmacology) is the first non-clinician to be elected to an eponymous Professorship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (the Edmund Riding Professorship, to be held for one year).

Professor Vince Newey (English) gave the keynote plenary lecture at the 29th Annual International Byron Society Conference in August. He has also been appointed editor of the Cowper and Newton Bulletin, the official journal of the Cowper and Newton Museum at Olney.

Professor Richard Rodger (Historical Studies) has been awarded the Frank Watson Prize for his book The Transformation of Edinburgh: Land, Property and Trust in the Nineteenth Century.

Professor Clive Ruggles (Archaeology and Ancient History) has been elected to Secretary to Commission 41 (History of Astronomy) of the International Astronomical Union until 2006. 

Professor Nigel Scrutton (Biochemistry) has received the Royal Society of Chemistry award (the Charmian Medal) for his contribution to research in enzyme chemistry. 

Professor Elaine Treharne (English) has been elected as a member of the International Association of University Professors of English, and re-elected for a second term as Vice-President of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists.

Student distinctions:

James Aldcroft, Daniel Brandt and Shelly Dudley (Physics with Space Science and Technology) formed a team during 2002/2003 with three students from the University of Hamburg to enter the Aurora Competition sponsored by the European Space Agency to design concepts for future space missions. The team won first prize in the Surface Robotics category for their Mars walking robot, named TODDLER.

Ronak Patel, Amit Shah and Sandeep Geeranavar (BSc Intercalated Medical studies in 2002/03) attended the International Medical Students’ Conference in Holland in June and presented work they had undertaken during their intercalated year. Amit Shah won first prize of 1800 euros for the best presentation. 

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