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Staff and student distinctions, February 2004
(As reported to Senate)

Staff distinctions:

Professor Helen Atkinson (Engineering) has been appointed to the new national independent Implementation Group for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology. 
Dr Ann Briggs (Education) has been given an award of £2,000 by a Learning and Skills Research Network Conference for the best research paper at the conference, and has been commended for her contribution to research in the sector. 

Dr Gillian Butcher (Physics and Astronomy) is serving as a member of the Women in Physics Group of the Institute of Physics.
Dr Sarah Davies (Geology) has been appointed President of the British Sedimentological Research Group. 

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys (Genetics) will be awarded the Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine in April 2004. This award identifies the most distinguished biomedical research in Europe. He has also been awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Science by the University of Hull and presented with an Honorary Medal by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In November 2003, he received an Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics from the US Association for Molecular Pathology. 

The Vice-Chancellor announced that plans were being developed for a display of Professor Jeffrey’s numerous awards in the entrance hall of the Fielding Johnson Building. 

Dr Prashant Kidambi (Historical Studies) has been awarded the Herman Diederiks prize by the International Association for the History of Crime and Criminal Justice for his article entitled The Ultimate Masters of the City: Police, Public Order, and the Ooor in Colonial Bombay 1893-1918. 
Professor David Mattingly (Archaeology and Ancient History) has recently served as the J W Altman Humanities Scholar in Residence in the Department of Classics, Miami University, and in March 2004, he has been invited to deliver the J Berry Lecture at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg. 
Professor Steve Nahorski (Cell Physiology and Pharmacology) has been invited to join the MRC’s Physiological Medicine and Infection Board from September 2004 for four years. 
Professor Clive Ruggles (Archaeology and Ancient History) has been awarded a two-year Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship starting in October 2004 to undertake critical synthesis of European archaeoastronomy. 

Professor Graham Shipley (Archaeology and Ancient History) has been elected as the Chair of the Council of University Classical Departments for the period 2003-6. 

Professor Nick Standen (Cell Physiology and Pharmacology) has been invited to serve on the Chairs and Programme Grants Committee of the British Heart Foundation. 
Professor Alan Wells (Physics and Astronomy) has been appointed by the Universities Space Research Association Board of Trustees in the USA to serve on a Centre for Program/Project Management Research Science Council for a three-year term. 

Student distinctions 

Mark Fuller (MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering) has won the East Midlands Professional Engineering Institutions’ Master’s Prize for ‘Engineering projects to change the future’. 

Sarah Sargent (DL Certificate in Welfare Housing Law and Policy and Director of Legal Services at the Kansas Children’s Service League) has won an international student competition organised by the Learning in Law Initiative, on the theme, Is Legal Education Working?. 
Andrew West (PhD Chemistry) is a joint first prize winner in the inaugural CRYSTAL Faraday Partnership’s Gordon Conference essay competition, for his essay, Tomorrow’s World. 

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