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Obituary: Mrs Annie (Amarpal) Garratt

Annie Garratt died suddenly and unexpectedly on February 28, 2004, aged 42. 

She was employed as a Chief Clerk in the Clinical Psychology Department from May 1, 1999 to January 4, 2002 and, at the time of her death, was studying for the degree of MBA in the University's Management Centre.

After a background working in an administrative capacity for the police force and a housing association, Annie was keen to develop her career and embarked on part-time study for an MBA, retaining the University connection by continuing with her studies here.

She leaves 12-year-old twins, Ashley and James. She was a loving mother and a kind and supportive friend to many.

Her funeral was held at Gilroes Crematorium on Wednesday, 10 March 10. The ceremony reflected Annie's Christian beliefs and her Sikh background.

Heather Roach

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