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Warsaw link with Scarman Centre maintained

Dr Simon Bennett, Director of the MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management at the Scarman Centre, worked at the Main School of the Polish Fire Service in Warsaw for a week at the end of May as part of his third lecture tour there.

He spoke on such topics as counter-terrorism, railway safety, aviation safety, organisational and safety culture and the sociology and psychology of disaster, lecturing to Officer Cadets, external students of the Main School, local and central government officials and others.

His visit keeps alive the link between the Scarman Centre and Main School, a link established in 1997 when an Officer from the Main School spent three months working at the Scarman Centre with Dr Bennett.

Said Dr Bennett: "These are important times for the Main School and the Polish people. A referendum on Poland's membership of the European Union is to be held shortly. This is a great opportunity for the country to develop and exploit its potential as a major European state. Poland is a key member of NATO and gave support to Coalition forces in Iraq. Poland will be an asset to the Union".

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