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The sky's the limit!  

team of 50 skydiving for a record
FLYING HIGH: ULAS team member one of a record-breaking sky diving team of 50                                       Pic: S Ward

Archaeologists usually dig downwards, but a member of the University of Leicester Archaeological Services aimed uncharacteristically high when she broke a UK sky diving record last month.

Vicki Priest was a member of an all-woman team that performed a 50-strong formation skydive from 15,000 feet at BPS Langar in Nottinghamshire on September 8.They jumped from three planes above Langar, making four attempts the previous day, before achieving the UK record first thing on Sunday.

group sky diving
SKY HIGH: Vicki Priest (front left)                        Pic: S Ward

Back on the ground the team were jubilant at their success, after nine months of preparation for the event.

Vicki Priest said: "It was a fantastic moment when we knew the formation was complete. After we had landed everyone was shouting and hugging. It was just incredible." 

Skydiving is traditionally a male-dominated sport, but Vickiís team hopes its achievement will encourage more women to take up the sport.

Vicki also participates in four-way formation skydiving competitions, and her teams won the Scottish National championships both this year and last year, as well as being the current Senior British Regional Champions.

  • Further information on skydiving is available from the British Parachute Association 

sky diving group with trophy
PLANE SAILING: Successful skydivers with trophy (Vicki Priest back row, right)
                                                       Pic: S Ward

Jane Pearson

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