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Sir David Attenborough awarded Royal Society's Faraday Prize 

[Photo: Sir David Attenborough] Sir David Attenborough, arguably the world's foremost television naturalist, has been awarded the Royal Society's Michael Faraday Prize for 2003. 

An honorary graduate of the University of Leicester (Doctor of Letters, 1970), his connections with the University go back to his childhood when his father, Frederick Attenborough, was Principal of what was then the University College, and the family home was College House on campus.

Sir David Attenborough, famous for his many captivating wildlife series, is to receive this award for his unparalleled contribution to bringing the wonders of science and the natural world to the widest possible audience.

Responding to the news of his success, Sir David said: “It is very exciting that the premier scientific institution in this country should regard the promotion of the public understanding of science as being worthy of a special prize and I am honoured to have been awarded it.”

He will be receiving his prize and delivering his lecture on January 28, 2004. 

“I have been privileged in my career to utilise the most advanced technologies in television to gain insight into the animal and plant kingdoms, bringing new knowledge to bear on wildlife. I will be trying in my Faraday Lecture to examine the ways that these technologies can both extend, and inadvertently misrepresent, the facts of natural history.”

Sir David Attenborough was the guest speaker at the University of Leicester's 2003 Graduates' Association Lecture, Discovery and the Camera [includes pictures]

For more information about the Faraday Lecture go to

Royal Society news, October 2003

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